Audit Services

Tax Audits and Collections

Our staff of experienced accountants have identified and recovered millions in revenue for state and local governments. We draw on our public accounting experience in order to select audits worth pursuing, ask additional questions when necessary, and tackle complex issues. This can be a difficult, emotional job but our approach – putting ourselves in their shoes and treating them with respect — often results in individual and corporate taxpayers expressing appreciation to their municipalities for our empathy, professionalism, and helpfulness.

Municipal auditors tend to focus on the people who are already in the system. At MetroRev, our accountants are experienced at not only finding non-filers but those taxpayers who may have filed incorrectly or who are non-compliant in all required tax filings.

Our audit services include:

  • Corporate and Personal Income Taxes
  • Sales, Use and Gross Receipts Taxes
  • Withholding Taxes
  • Hotel/Lodging Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Franchise Taxes
  • Business License Fees


In addition, MetroRev provides tax and license code consultation, collections and recovery services conducted by our friendly and professional (yet persistent) staff, and real estate tax evaluation services.

Business License Discovery Services and Fee and Tax Debt Recovery

Our goal is to identify individuals and companies that are non-compliant, understand why they are, and outline ways they can become compliant. There are many reasons why someone may not have paid these various fees – including incorrect revenue classifications, calculation errors, and misinterpretation of revenue sources – and we try to treat each one as if they will be willing to pay their fair share.

In one case, we were asked to identify companies that hadn’t filed for their business license. In this town, business licenses are tied to gross receipts, so we pulled the town’s utility records and compared them to the business-license database to identify potential non-compliance.

Recovery Services

We are sensitive to the financial difficulties that your residents may be facing – and to your desire to not be seen as insensitive. One way to achieve your revenue generation goals is through our ability to provide recovery services through a third party ranging from payment plans to litigation, all in a compassionate manner.

As with all our services, we try to treat each taxpayer with respect. But if litigation is necessary, our legal team has extensive experience in municipal and corporate litigation and will recover your money at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.